The size of Gold market

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Gold supply fits in 2.6 Olympic swimming pools

There are approximately 197,576 tonnes (t) of gold above ground, worth more than INR 685 trillion.  Mine production adds approximately 3,500t per year, equivalent to an annual 1.8% increment.
The approximate breakdown of physical gold, based on its use, is:
Jewellery: 92,947t (INR 322.7 trn) 47%
Official sector: 33,919t (INR 117.7 trn) 17%
Bars and coins: 39,722t (INR 137.9 trn) 20%
ETFs and similar: 2,885t (INR 10 trn) 1%
Other and unaccounted: 28,090t (INR 97.5 trn) 14%

Source: Metals Focus, Refinitiv GFMS, US Geological Survey, World Gold Council

Based 2018 above ground estimates and the standard Olympic swimming pool dimensions of (length = 164ft, width = 82ft, depth = 9ft). Includes “other fabrication” (13%) and “unaccounted for” (2%).
The financial gold market is made up of bars, coins, digital gold, gold-backed ETFs and central bank reserves. This segment of the gold market compares favorably to the size of major financial markets. The size of the financial gold market is large compared to many global assets, and dwarfs known open interest in gold derivatives

* As of 31 December 2019 **Represents Open Interest in COMEX, TOCOM and OTC transactions.
Source: Bank for International Settlements; Bloomberg, ETF company filings, ICE Benchmark Administration, Metals Focus, World Gold Council

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