Interesting And Unfamiliar Ways Gold And Silver Are Used Other Than In Jewellery

So, did you think silver and gold were only things of jewellery, or may be investment, bullion, and that’s it? Well, let me break your bubble here. Silver and gold are used in more everyday things that you would know. Due to their high conductivity, malleability, and their compounds like silver nitrate, silver fluoride, and more, the two precious metals have more uses that we’d ever know.


In satellites

Not as a part of the engine, but as gold foil in order to reduce heat and thus keep the satellite cool in the space. Gold and silver are one of the best conductors of heat, as the space is a vacuum.


In liposuction

Medical science has plans to use gold to dissolve fat cells before removal through liposuction. This will make the liposuction process a little less brutal on the body.

In arthritis patients

Gold is believed to be helpful in supporting the body’s immune system to stop attacks on rheumatoid arthritis. So, the patients are given weekly gold sodium thiomalate injections. It is a bit of a risk though, as too much of it can have side effects.

In window tints

This is done in order to reflect heat, but only in big, really big projects like the building of Royal Bank Plaza in Toronto. They have coated 14,000 windows with over 70 kg gold.


In the mobile phones

Almost everybody knows that mobile phones have a little gold in them, which can also be extracted following a standard procedure. (You can’t make a fortune out of such little quantities though :P)


In medical industry

Before antibiotics were discovered, silver was the antibiotics, which was over 6000 years ago. Silver has thousands of medical uses. If anything is going inside the patient’s body, or cutting the skin, it probably has silver.


In atomic weapons and solar panels

Solar panels are becoming more and more popular and silver is used to create pathways from solar panels to the battery where energy is stored. Silver is also useful in reflectin sunlight into the collectors, which is the most important function of solar panels. The first atomic weapons were also created using silver.

To deodorise

The home appliance industry is picking up a new trend – using silver in AC unit and other appliances to reduce bacterial odour in the house. Samsung has used it in some of its refrigerators.

In jet engines

Silver is the perfect metal to make ball bearing electroplates, which is because it has a melting point at 961.8°C. The ball bearing goes inside engine to reduce friction and increase the engine’s life.


And in almost everything you come in contact with

You touch an ATM screen, you’re touching silver. You have dental fillings, it probably has silver in it. You ate an Indian sweet with that shiny foil on top, that’s silver. Your car has RFID tag, the tag has silver in it.

Now that you know how silver and gold are more useful than just coins, bars, and jewellery, why don’t you download the Augmont app for Android and iOS to stay ahead of the market.

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