Wedding Coming Up? Here’s How You Can Make The Most Of Your Savings For The Big Fat Indian Wedding!

Weddings are all about fun, frolic, and food, aren’t they? However, when it is an Indian wedding, a lot more comes into the picture. Everything right from the décor and food to the dresses and makeup needs to be perfect. Nevertheless, the biggest thing in an Indian wedding is the jewellery. Have you planned for this most important part of the wedding yet? If not, you don’t need to worry, as we have the solution for all your gold worries.

Here are some things you can do to take care of for your wedding preparations:

Make the big decision – how much you need to buy

It’s your big day, and you must have a basic idea of the quantity you need to buy. Decide the quantity and amount and prepare for the next big step, i.e., buying the gold.

Buy gold Bullion & get it home-delivered!

Gold bullion is not just gold, but a very smart investment as well. You can buy gold from Augmont app in the form of bars and coins as per your requirement, and get it delivered to your doorstep whenever you need it.

Start investing small amounts a year in advance

The best way to do this is investing in real gold. If you buy gold through Augmont app, your gold is kept in a secured third party vault, which is backed by IDBI Trusteeship Services on customer’s behalf.

Invest in Gold SIP

If you are one of those who just can’t invest in the conventional way, you can invest small, regular amounts in Augmont Fixed and Flexi SIPs. You can start investing with a meagre amount of Rs. 1000 per month and get it delivered whenever you need. The biggest benefit of the SIP is that it has no lock-in period!

Fix a Marriage Goal

We’re not just talking about your personal goals that you make and break. It is a very useful feature in the Augmont App, wherein you can plan and achieve your goals with the help of a planned investment schedule.

We hope your wedding plans are a little more sorted and in place now. Take your wedding as an opportunity to learn to manage a systematic plan of investment with Augmont. Share your own investment plans and smart portfolio ideas with us and other readers in the comments.

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