Why One should Invest in Gold?

Investment is a wide topic, and there are various ways to invest your money and get a good ROI. Investing in gold is one such option.

Advantages of Investing in Gold Through Augmont.
1. Gold is a hedge against inflation.
Gold is popularly considered as a hedge against inflation. It has a direct relationship with inflation. With Augmont you can track gold prices and set an appropriate investment plan for you to benefit during harsh financial times.
2. Liquidity
One of the factors which makes gold a good investment is a liquidity. When you buy gold via Augmont App, the gold goes to a trusted & secured vault which is backed by IDBI trusteeship service. It can be removed and delivered to your home anytime you want.
3. Holds its value over a long period of time
Gold holds an inherent value over a period of time. Even if the price falls, the underlying value of gold does not change much. This is mainly because it is a commodity, whereas the Indian Rupee, which is a form of fiat currency, holds no intrinsic value. Augmont “Gold for All” App helps you to invest your gold through avail SIP’s like Fixed Investment Plan, with a minimum Investment.

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