8 Reasons Why Owning Physical Gold Will Prove To Be A Smart Financial Decision

Gold has come a long way from just jewellery to a part of investment. And though we all know how it is the safest investment right now and the best hedge against the stock market, the modern investor hasn’t a fair idea of how even physical ownership of this precious metal can be beneficial in both short and long run.

Here are 8 biggest reasons that owning physical gold is a smart financial move:

1. For investing in stocks and commodity, you must have expert knowledge in the subject.But you don’t need any such special knowledge when it comes to gold. Even if you know nothing about the market, you can buy gold.

2. Physical gold has no ownership confusions or doubts; if you own it, you own it. You don’t even need to claim your ownership. It’s an asset which isn’t another’s liability, unlike other assets that need paper contracts to make it whole.


3. You can keep it anonymously, no one has to know that you own gold, if you choose to be confidential about it. Just that you need to report your capital gains on your tax details.

4. It is portable. Take it anywhere, make anything out of it, or just liquefy it, and make it into money.

5. It is super easy to store. Though you need to take care as its value is too much to risk.


6. It is the simplest of all investments. You need not do anything at all to own gold. And with apps like Augmont, now you don’t even have to leave your bed to buy gold! All you need to do is install the app for Android and iOS.

7. The liquidity of gold as an investment is at another level altogether. It is the best kind of commodity when it comes to selling it in the hour of need. You don’t even need broker assistance to buy and sell gold.


8. No matter what the political and financial climate of the world or your country, gold will never lose its value like other commodity and even paper money, which is ultimately backed by gold.

With Augmont gold, you can get gold delivered at your doorstep for reasonable delivery charges. You just need to install the app and register with your phone number to get the best prices and daily live updates of gold and silver prices. So, when are you beginning to buy some gold?

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