Bullion Systematic Investment Plan – An Opportunity worth Its Weight in Gold!

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Gold in its glory needs no endorsements. The valuable yellow metal has people allured through its worth and always increasing demand, especially in India. Traditional and cultural impositions that revolve around gold make its essential for people in the country to invest and accumulate gold for various needs. As gifts in wedding, birthdays and future investments all contribute to the necessity to purchase gold.

Bullion India provides investors with a gold systematic plan for their gold purchasing needs. This plan aims at allowing one to invest a small amount of money and provide one with the access to gold accumulation without having to pay upfront.

The feature of the Systematic investment plan by Bullion India:

Daily Price Scheme: The Monthly instalment amount paid in SIP scheme is divided by 20 and gold/silver is bought daily for 20 consecutive days at the daily price of gold or silver quoted on the Bullion India website. This provides investors with an average price of gold that may reduce to provide gains.

Minimum Instalments: One can opt to make an initial investment of Rs 1000/- and opt for instalments as low as Rs. 1000 thereafter. These instalments can be customised to meet individual needs and payment capacity.

Tenure: The gold systematic plan offered can be chosen for 6 to 36 months.

Product Offered: 24 carats pure Gold of 99.5 percent fineness complying with international standards, is offered to investors in the gold accumulation plan.

One can use the gold from the bullion gold accumulation plan to shop for gold/silver coins and other jewellery.

Benefits of gold accumulation plan offered by Bullion India:

  • Bullion India provides investors with an opportunity to invest in pure gold bullions by providing them with the ease and flexibility to pay for their purchases over a chosen period of time
  • There is an option to redeem the purchases once the final payment has been completed. Purchases are delivered to one’s doorstep at no additional cost
  • Bullion India also offers to store the bullions purchased, in vaults for safekeeping at no added cost
  • The widespread investment tenure with daily purchases provides a distributed rate to investors which can prove beneficial
  • There is no brokerage, low dealer spreads and spot prices as displayed by Bullion India website daily, which provides one more gold for the money invested
  • Selling the gold or silver accumulated through the gold systematic plan is easy and instantaneous

The need for gold is never dying. Gifts for weddings, births, occasions in the future can be easily bought without the crunch of money with gold accumulation plan from Bullion India. Bullion India aims at reducing stress on investors by increasing affordability and accessibility of gold to even low-income wage earners.

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