Gifting Pure Gold At Your Fingertips! Safe and Easy! By Aesha Shah

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We have the world on our fingertips, quite literally, isn’t it?
Technology advancement, advent of smart phones and development of numerous apps has surely made life easier. We are constantly on the move, life is fast paced, and there is always a lack of time. All these factors have made buying and selling through the use of apps, the need of the hour, widely used and extremely convenient.
Urban life with numerous traffic snarls and pollution are a deterrent for me when I plan to go out for shopping. I generally avoid travelling during peak hours at least for shopping as it makes the entire process painstaking than an enjoyable one.
I am very happy being online and shopping on the apps.
While we can buy apparels, cosmetics, toys, books, groceries etc. through apps, I recently got to know that we can even buy gold and silver through an app too.
It so happened that my mom called me to inform that I need to attend a wedding on her behalf since she resides in another city and I need to gift gold. I was like ok; I will just visit a store and get something. But like I mentioned before, I don’t like getting stuck in traffic I kept avoiding the visit to the store. In a few days due to a hectic schedule, I completely forgot about attending the function. That’s when a friend suggested me the #Augmont App which facilitates buying Gold and Silver in the most convenient and easy to use app. This was extremely interesting and seemed to be a viable option so I did some research on the same as it would make my shopping experience better and simpler. And let me tell you the Gold coin that I wanted to gift got delivered at my doorstep within 3 days of placing the order.
Now you would ask it is easy and is it safe? So here are your answers.

  1. The Gold available on the Augmont app is 999 pure with all certifications in place.
  2. The most important benefit of buying through Augmont App is that it passes on its price advantages to its retail customers. So you get pure Gold at the best prices which are not possible if you buy gold from jeweller stores.
  3. The app facilitates buying gold as little as Re. 1 today and keep buying small quantities until one wishes, creating a sizeable long-term gold investment pool.
  4. Augmont has a prompt and safe delivery system in place too for the ones who do not wish to store the gold in a locker. It is delivered to the doorstep within 3 days to virtually every Indian corner.

In India, purchasing Gold and Silver at time of occasions like child birth, marriages, baby showers etc is a common practice. We all have inherited Gold because of such practices. However, I am sure when my daughter grows up she will not like the jewellery with age old designs. I myself didn’t want the ones my mom gifted me for my marriage but I wasn’t given a choice. I am not too fond of very heavy jewellery but being a student of commerce, understand the importance of investment in Gold. Here’s where Augmont app helps me to make a safe investment for my daughter’s future. The investment in Gold that I make right now can be used for her further education too. It would be the best gift I could give her to secure her future.
These are my reasons of buying gold and silver safely, easily at my fingertips. I am sure you would want to check out the app on your phones right now and as I said it’s just a click away. So what are you waiting for!!
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