Investment with a Silver Lining – How to purchase silver in India

Silver like any other precious metal can be a valuable investment. Not only is silver a precious metal it has dual usefulness of being avital industrial metal. Globally, silver is traded primarily for its commercial applications; however, India also sees an import of silver for jewellery and silverware needs.

Bullion India provides insightful information on the demand for silver and how one can buy silver in India.

The Demand for Silver in India

India is not a significant producer of silver and the majority of silver needed is imported from outside the country. Silver has seen a major rise in demand amidst growing economies like India and China. Emerging industries utilize silver for many purposes, industries like medicine, manufacturing etc. on a daily basis, giving rise to high imports of the precious metal.

How to buy Silver in India?

One can buy silver in India through many means, few of them are,

Retail Silver: One can purchase silver from pawnshops, jewellery store with ease by just visiting, selecting, and paying for the same. This silver purchase can be in the form of jewellery, silverware or silver bars, and coins. One can also purchase junk and collect silver coins, however, having to buy genuine silver relics requires the right knowledge of the same.

Buy Silver Online:

One can easily buy silver bullion of 24 karat purity through online retailing sites like Bullion India.

Bullion India provides one the opportunity to invest in 24 karats pure, 995 finesse silver bars and coins through fee registrations, zero brokerage and lower than market rates.

  • Silver Bars

The best way of to buy silver is by purchasing actual pure bullion bars. The rectangular-shaped silver bars are ideal for storage in a home safe, or safe deposit box in a bank, or a vault allocated with dealers like Bullion India. Silver is traded at the spot market prices, with zero brokerage fees at Bullion India. One can avail various sizes of silver bars in 999 finesse and 24 karats.

One can choose to buy silver as low as 10gms to 1kg from Bullion India or any other reputed dealer. However, one must evaluate the content and purity of silver bars offered.

  • Silver Coins

Silver coins are a preferable investment globally. Coins of 24 karats999 finesse may also be minted official by issuing countries with a guarantee of the same.

Junk silver coins are also available & commonly known as sterling silver coins; however, they may bring no value to one’s investment due to the mixed alloy content.

Silver coin enthusiasts buy silver of .999 finesse, coins with specific mints, and years of production as a store of value.

Systematic Investment Plan:

Bullion India also provides investors the option of investing in a systematic investment plan, which allows the investor to buy the desired weight of silver in installments. One can invest for the tenure of 6 to 36 months to pay affordable monthly installments to pay for the purchases.

India ranks amidst the top 5 silver consumers in the world. In India, more than 60% of the rural population invests in silver. There are numerous reasons to buy silver in India, however, one must always gauge the purity of silver to ensure a good resale and market acceptability.

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