All You Need To Know About Buying And Selling Silver Online

Silver investments have gained momentum in the past few years. The shy cousin of gold often undervalued as a precious metal has proven its worth repeatedly to investors looking to protect their wealth or maximize gains. This increase in silver investments can also be attributed to the availability of online bullion trader who offer ease to buy and sell silver online, hassle free.

This is a simple yet comprehensive guide to buy and sell silver online by Bullion India experts, for easing investments in silver.

Consider the Silver Bullion:

When one talks to invest in silver, we would recommend that you buy and sell Silver bullion coins and bars, as they attain their worth through a 24 karat purity and 999 fineness. Bullion India provides one the opportunity to buy and sell Silver Bullions that are certified for purity and hence providing one access to a transparent market for silver investments. Bullion India also provides one cost effective Silver investment SIP schemes to pay for one’s purchases in easy instalments over a period.

Believe in Silver Coins from International mints:

One can easily buy and sell Silver Bullions that are minted silver coins endorsed and guaranteed by governments of the issuing country. For example, American Silver Eagle coin is the most commended and easily resalable product for silver investors.

 Stay away from Inferior Alternatives:

Silver Relics, Silver Collector Coins that are considered numismatic collectables, lack enough transparency, and resale value, and are known be a source of huge losses for silver investors with the ever-increasing silver prices.  Silver investors who wish to capitalise on the precious metal market should avoid rare or collectors relic silver products.


Always research online and get an idea about the specific silver bullion product you wish to buy. Never let a salesperson alter your intent and sell you a product you have no knowledge about, which may be a deceitful deal. When you buy and sell silver online, be aware of fraud, and only trade on trusted sites like Bullion India.

 Aim for Physical Silver:

Many times brokers offer paper silver deals such as ETFs, Silver Certificates, or Leverage Accounts that involve no possession of actual physical silver. Stay away from such deals, as physical redemption is an insurance against fraud or the collapse of the financial system.

Look for Physical Delivery & Secure Vaults:

Reputable silver dealer like Bullion India offer options to redeem the gold or silver purchase or store the same in secure vaults.  One should ensure the product purchased is fully insured unless it has been safely delivered to one’s doorstep or stored in a vault storage facility managed by a third party.

Low Dealer Spreads:

Once you opt to sell the silver, the online dealer should offer low dealer spreads and quick payments for the sales.

Flexible Payment Options

When you buy or sell silver online, dealers like Bullion India, provide multiple methods of payment and ensure locked prices the moment the order is placed. Bullion India also provides SIP schemes for easy monthly instalments for buyers.

Choose a credible silver dealer like Bullion India with a history of successful trade for a long time. With effective policies of customer support. Frauds are common in the gold and silver trade, be certain to perform appropriate due diligence to trust a reputable dealer, and do not fall prey to cheap advertised silver prices.

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