Why to buy gold bars from Bullion India?

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The search to find the perfect place to buy gold bars starts right after research and analysis convinces you to invest in gold bars as a better way to invest in gold and silver. Bullion India shines out with its numerous advantages.
The Key features offered by Bullion India when investing your savings in gold bars are,
Quality Guaranteed: The Gold and Silver coins and bars available at Bullion India are of 24 carat and 995 and 999 purity respectively.
No Brokerage: There is No brokerage what so ever on buying, selling or redeeming your purchases through Bullion India.
Free Registration: Opening an account is free of charge, so you don’t need to pay to give it a try.
Low Spreads: Traders cansell their gold at very low dealer spreads. In short better chance at profits.
Affordability:Bullion India encourages buying and selling spot price and offers rates closer to whole sale bazar rates to buyers.
Storage Facility:Along with the options for redemption of your purchase you can choose to have your items stored in secure vaults at no added costs.
Door to Door Delivery: The purchased metal can be redeemed and delivered to your door step at a small fee depending upon the quantity.
Availability: The fact that Bullion India accounts are online and available 24 /7 you have accessibility to it with your convenience.
Support: For grievances and advice on your transactions there is an online support centre and call centre agents available.
Easy and efficient: operating and accessing the online accounts is very simple and efficient. The process of buying or selling gold or silver doesnot require you to be a computer pro.
Minimal Documentation:  You need basic documents for opening, buying and redeeming through Bullion India website. So in all the experience is hassle free and streamline.
These are few of the benefits that we at bullion India offer. Opening an account is free of cost so register with us to benefit from our competitive prices and guaranteed product.

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